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Best Time to Visit Mauritius

The statistics of tourism industry exhibit that the best time to visit Mauritius is from May to December, as during this time period, the weather is usually cool, dry, and sunny. And, you can take pleasure in water-sports as well. Though, on the whole, there aren’t many differences in the weather conditions. Unlike other regions, the weather office doesn’t prediction any specific rainy or dry seasons which can impel tourist to change their decisions. Perhaps, for that reason, it stays red-hot– whole year, and pull in big business for the government of Mauritius.

Believe it or not, however, as we’ve said earlier, one can relish fun all year round. There will always be a comfortable weather during your stay. The experts have revealed that when it comes to Mauritius, sun is at its highest point longer than in other destinations in globe. That’s why, this beautiful region receives many hours of bright life and sunny skies, and its seasons almost stay the same as well. It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting holidays in the months of winter or summer, just opt for this place and you’ll see why it’s jam-packed all the time, and why people call it “The Second Heaven” and plan their holidays in it.

This island lies off the coast of Africa in the south west of the Indian Ocean. Therefore, its coasts can change a tad in winter and summer seasons. But, if you’re in Mauritius, you can change the destination in maximum 2-3 hours in order to relish that weather which suits you the most. Though, the early knowledge can secure you from this kind of hustle and allow you to reserve a better villa/apartment for your family. So, allow me to shed light on its winter and summer seasons, and explain which coast can be better during your visit.

Mauritius Winter Season
Winter is not “that” cold in Mauritius. It’s in fact pleasant with milder temperature. Tourists who visit this region from northern Europe and Canada often wonder that why the temperature of Mauritius isn’t cold and why the mountains aren’t covered with snow. The thing they don’t apprehend is that it’s a tropical climate; the temperature never drops that low. You of course feel a tad cold, but it’s almost like a spring – every day is pleasurable.

The interesting thing is winter season makes Mauritius green and more flowery. But, at the same time, it makes weather windier. Interestingly, most people enjoy it too, as it’s different and allow them to take some amazing pictures with their loved ones. Bear in mind, the windier weather isn’t active all over the Mauritius; it’s just active on the high grounds and south coast. If you want to have the benefit of it, opt for these two places in winter.

Is everything that good? If you’re pondering right now, the answer is “No”. Of course, there is a nuisance of winter too. Sudden bursts of rain can drop the temperature even more and make the south east coast even windier and colder. However, don’t panic. It’s just a short-lived thing. The temperature comes to normal level again in 2-3 days; you can continue your plans without struggling with it. Now, before you decide anything, it’s pertinent to comprehend that the winter season is actually from May to October. If you’re from America, UK, Canada, or most Asian Countries, you probably find it different and more interesting. Besides, the temperature chart exhibits that from May to October the temperature usually stays between 19.5-16.5 Celsius in north, east, west, south, and even in the center.

Mauritius Summer Season
Summers of Mauritius are actually hot and humid. From November to April, the temperature is almost around 270C on the coast and 220C on the central plateau. One can experience the rays of sun from five o’clock in the morning until seven o’clock in the evening. In a way, the day will be long enough to relish all the entertainment, not only at the seashore, but also in the cities like Port Louis. Summer in Mauritius is indeed for those who love to participate in water-sports and hiking etc. These kinds of places of entertainment are often packed by the tourist, and boats, cruises, and beaches are crowded too. Therefore, if your plan is to visit Mauritius during its summer season, visit it in the early months of summer, as that time the places aren’t that full either and you can have an immensely interesting time with family.

Apart from this, the summer season brings tropical hurricanes too, but it’s not the main concern, as it rarely happens, and they aren’t that deadly also. Though, the rains are of course on the list, just like every other region of the world. The wind blows quite steadily from east, which brings clouts of clouds that rain all over the Mauritius. If this is making you precautious, don’t worry. Since, rains are that steady. If there are dark clouds on the sky, just go for a shower, have a hot cup of coffee, or watch a movie. After a few minutes, the sky will be clear and beautiful like blue. And, you can continue your plans with no trouble.

In addition, as a tourist, it’s important to apprehend that if it’s raining in some area of Mauritius, it doesn’t mean that clouds are covering the entire island. Just a few kilometers away, the sun will be shining, and there will be no clouds in sight. Furthermore, on an average, the north coast receives 7-days in a month rain, while the other coasts can receive 3-days of rain in a month, during the wettest month, which are October and November.

Concluding Thoughts
All in all, it’s hard to which month is the best for visiting Mauritius. It all depends on your plans, and of course on the time and duration of holidays. However, for water-sports it’s imperative to know about the sea temperature too. For instance, the temperature of sea is usually a tad warm; you can relish sea-activities like scuba diving and etc, any time you want. Now, of course, the temperature will rise and drop according to the seasons, but on the whole it stays normal; it stays between 23C to 28C… So, look no further, and visit Mauritius today, as each day, each month, and each season is best for visiting this region.

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