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Mauritius Visa Requirements

If spending holidays on an island rings true for you, opt for Mauritius. It’s a sanctuary for those who want to benefit from elite level of pleasure while basking in the tranquility of nature. And, the best part is it’s utterly straightforward to obtain its visa; there aren’t any special obligations or restrictions. One can visit the immigration office/embassy/consular of Mauritius and enter his application after consulting immigration officer; he’ll inform everything regarding how to be eligible to enter or transit in Mauritius for a specific purpose. In case it’s not possible for you to reach embassy, call them to acquire details. Or, you can hire a professional agent; he can resolve paper work and even facilitate you in planning vacations.

Mauritius Visa is simply a way to cross the barriers and enter into a heaven. However, before we converse about it or explain details, it’s imperative to know who requires Mauritius Visa. First, if you’re a citizen of Mauritius, or if your spouse is a citizen of Mauritius, you’re exempted from visa. Furthermore, children of you in both cases would be free from visa requirement as well. Second, if you’re a holder of a diplomatic passport, you’ll be off the hook too. But, if you don’t reside in any of these categories, you’ve to apply for the visa/permit before any kind of travel and have to provide all the required documents.

Unlike other countries, the required documents for Mauritius visa are uncomplicated. All you need is to sign and fill the visa application form, arrange two recent passport size photos, photocopy of your passport’s data pages, and a copy of residence permit. In addition, if you’re applying through a company/business, it’s essential to arrange a letter from them.

Typically, the embassy of Mauritius requires 2 days to 15 days to process your application. Though, it depends on your country. If you’re from a well-established country, and if you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll acquire visa rather comfortably and quickly. On the other hand, if it’s your first time, the whole process can take around two-weeks. Other than that, even after getting the visa, the final decision of entry stays in the hand of immigration officer who examine everything at the point of entry in Mauritius. He decides how long you can stay for any particular visit. Since, in case your documents aren’t accurate, and if you’re coming from a region like Sierra Leone, Guinea, or Liberia, which are affected by the virus (Ebola), he can temporarily ban your entry, and won’t let you in with a proper medical examination.

Besides, believe it or not, if you’re a citizen of United States of America, you don’t require a Mauritius visa; you can stay in Mauritius for a maximum stay of 180 days per calendar year. Similarly, the citizens of all European Union can stay without a visa too for maximum 90 days. However, in both conditions, it’s pertinent to show evidence of return transportation, adequate accommodations, and proof of sufficient funds – at least $100.00 per day.

Visiting this small piece of heaven is easy, and it’s rather easy on the pocket too. Just show documents, grab tickets, and enjoy the supreme pleasures.

For more information on visa requirements, extension of stay and any matters related to visa in Mauritius, please click here (Government of Mauritius website).

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