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Ile Aux Cerfs

You can’t say you’ve visited Mauritius if you haven’t visited the privately owned island Ile Aux Cerfs – in English, known as “Deer Island”. It’s situated in the Flacq District near the east coast of Mauritius. The island of Ile Aux Cerfs is the largest lagoon of Mauritius – comprises 87 hectares of luxuriant vegetation and white, sandy beaches. Every day, tourists visit it to have intimate, luxurious, and tranquil moments. According to them, this place waters down their levels of stress. The breathtaking views of nature impel them to forget jolts of life and offer them the peace and harmony they want. Besides, the wide range of activities and amenities unleash their inner wishes. From snorkeling to swimming, deep sea fishing to scuba diving, they can get pleasure from everything and make their whole trip pleasurable & memorable.

There are various outstanding services in Mauritius that recommend different tour packages of Ile Aux Cerfs. Those packages include boat-transfer, welcome fruit cocktail, sun mattress for the day, delicious three-course lunch, and drinks package (optional). Though, the dwellers of Mauritius visit this heavenly place on their own, but the tourists often deal with these services, as they aren’t only economical, but also take the burden off their shoulders.

Just like Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe, the Ile Aux Cerfs also has killer looks, and stand out as a different and premier tourist place. Especially, families love this place when they relish the views of the shore in their glass-bottom boats or try local cuisines at the famous restaurants… Want to buy something special for your loved one from this matchless island? There is a small flee market that presents local handicrafts, textile, and etc. If we say, this market is the main attraction of Ile Aux Cerfs, it would be fully correct too, as everyone want to buy something exclusive and exceptional from a unique place, which isn’t easily accessible for everyone. The best thing about that market is that the prices are quite economical; one can buy a lot of gifts for loved ones without challenging his/her pockets.

If you’re immensely interested in visiting this gemstone of the world, it’s imperative to know regarding its possible departure points. The first point is Trou D’eau Douce, which is situated on the central east coast of Mauritius. The second departure point is Blue Bay, which is situated near the airport on the south east of Mauritius. However, bear in mind that you don’t have to worry regarding departure points or timings if you’re residing in some villa or apartment. Just inform their executives about your expedition plans, and ask for the different packages; they’ll arrange everything on their own. Plus, they can provide extra details and tell how exactly you can make your entire trip more thrilling and memorable.

All in all, Ile Aux Cerfs is an amazing paradise island. It has the perfect settings for the relaxing and enjoyable day. Tourists of all ages love it as the last piece of chocolate too.

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