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The Beaches Worth Visiting in Mauritius

Mauritius is known as the paradise of beaches. The views your experience there are the views you never find anywhere else on the planet Earth; they’re hypnotically attractive and unforgettable. But, the question is, is it just the beauty that grabs attention? Well, no. It’s not just the beauty that earns them the awards. It’s the Indian Ocean too that protects the beaches of Mauritius with its warm waters. Plus, the weather is also the king without crown; it’s pleasant all day, day-to-day. One can visit the Mauritius beaches anytime of the year he wants and get pleasures from water sports and activities with his friends and family members.

There are numerous Mauritius beaches that can blind you with beauty. However, we’ve put together the list of top ones, so that you can plan holidays well in case you’ve short time.

Blue Bay
Blue Bay is the highlight of Mauritius. It has the best underwater scenery that fills its beach with all kinds of tourists and impels them for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing. But, the water activities/sports aren’t the only best parts; it’s famous for its incredible landscapes as well. Though, this south of the Mauritius Island is undeveloped, but recent hotel constructions and the development of the markets have turned it into a premier place. It’s like the authorities of Blue Bay have merged the city life with the beach life. On one side, there is crystal clear water and white sandy beach, and on the other side, there are 5-star hotels, villas, and apartments that are equipped with all the amenities of life.

Belle Mare
Miles of powder white beaches hug the coast at Belle Mare. It’s almost 10 km long and a tad windier than other parts of the Mauritius. Unlike other beaches, Belle Mare has packed its punches well when it comes to delivering pleasure through activities. First, there are golf courses that hold championships and invite golfers from all around the world. If you’re interested in golf, Belle Mare is the perfect place. Second, there are family-friendly water parks and abundant aquatic sports that keep you in the arena of constant fun; they ensure activity-filled days and keep your spirits high 24/7. Couples with children and big families often prefer Belle Mare over other beaches just because of the thrilling activities it provides.

Ile Aux Cerfs
Ile Aux Cerfs, the deer island of Mauritius, is like the last piece of chocolate that lures everyone. It’s situated on 100 hectares of land and has world’s most beautiful beaches. Just like Belle Mare and Blue Bay, Ile Aux Cerfs is also known for its sandy beaches, beautiful lagoons, and big selection of activities. However, the thing that makes it distinctive is “Island Tours” that can be done through speed boat, catamaran, and even yacht. If you’re residing in Ile Aux Cerfs, all you need is to inform the authorities of villas regarding your Island Tour plans; they’ll tell you packages and arrange everything on their own.

Trou Aux Biches
The amazing Trou Aux Biches enjoy a prime position on the west coast of Mauritius. They’re almost 45 miles away from the airport. The closest famous locations are Port Louis (capital) and Grand Bay. Unlike other Mauritius beaches, the Trou Aux Biches offer a chain of luxury hotels. They’re specifically designed for those who want to have lavish and rich fun. From fabulous restaurants to million-dollar spas, everything is there to mesmerize guests. Furthermore, villas and apartments are expensive either. One can afford them rather comfortably. However, the issue is they’re rather packed all the time. Therefore, it’s vital to call the authorities of Trou Aux Biches at least a week before and explain your plans.

Grand Bay
Grand Bay is in the district of Riviere du Rempart at the north of Mauritius. It’s actually a seaside village, also famous as “Bay without End”. After canvassing the tourism statistics of Mauritius, it would be safe to utter that Grand Bay is the most popular holiday destination in
the entire Mauritius. The frequent visitors often opt for it as according to them the enchanting quality of its emerald water is totally gripping. It pacifies their emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Moreover, the opposite side of the shore is also packed with all the amenities and entertainment. You can crafts and fashion shops, traditional local shops, hotels and restaurants, modern shopping centers with worldwide brand shops. Plus, there are traditional shops for clothes, jewelry, and textiles as well. If you want to buy gifts for their loved ones, they’re the best place for you that are utterly easy on the pocket too.

In Mauritius, Pereybere is the tourist-magnet. It’s situated between Grand Bay and Cap Malheureux in the north. If you’re a person who loves spending time on beaches, this is place is for you, as it has a lot to offer; you can book dolphin cruises, participate in big fishing game trip, and even relish kite surfing or speed boating, alone, with friends and loved ones. Furthermore, there are a good variety of restaurants that accommodate people of all classes. In addition, on the other side of the coastal road, there are daily-services which are just a stone’s throw away, like ATM machines, cash points, internet cafes, souvenir boutiques, and etc. But, before you opt for Pereybere, it’s pertinent to know that it’s a small beach. And, in the tourists’ special months, it’s often jam-packed. Therefore, if you want to relish tranquility, it’s better to avoid it during the tourists’ peak seasons.

Flic en Flac
Flic en Flac is resting on the western part of the Mauritius. It’s one of the nicest and longest beaches on the island. However, these days, as a professional tourist, I can say, it has lost its beauty a tad, because of the recent developments. A few years back, it was definitely the
picture of heaven. But, now, after the constructions of apartments, complexes, shops, money changers, holiday rentals, and etc., the striking factor has been reduced. Though, it doesn’t mean that it’s a seaside city; it still has its own charm that still lures tourists today from all around the globe. But, if you’re thinking that it’s a blessing from heaven, then you’ve to think again. Since, it has become a premier destination for the party-loving crowd.

"flic en flac beach mauritius photos"
Mont Choisy
Well, this beach is a complete jaw-dropping beauty. It’s not that famous like other beaches, perhaps because of its location, but it’s standing beside the best beaches of the world. Mon Choisy beach is located near the village of Grand Bay, in the Pamplemousses district. Unlike other beaches, there aren’t any special constructions around it. Therefore, it’s perfect for those who want peaceful, loving moments with their loved ones. It’s a deserted, forested coastline with white sandy pleasure and crystal clear waters. There won’t be a single hotel in sight; you’ve to drive a few minutes at least to find the perfect place for residence. In addition, if you’re planning to visit Mon Choisy, it’s better to consult the management of your hotel, as they can arrange the whole trip and provide a professional driver as well.

Le Morne
Le Morne is the prettiest place on this planet. It’s indeed the land of actual paradise. The deep blue sea, shades of the casuarinas trees, and the dance of the dolphins make the entire trip blissful. Besides, there is a Le Morne Mountain in the background that gives this beach a totally different look; it’s a residence of unique tropic birds too - you can watch them flying on the beach especially in the evenings. But, it’s not just the beauty of the beach that grabs the winner’s trophy; there are numerous five-star hotels too, which are available in quite economical prices. One can afford them without burning holes in pockets.

La Cuvette
This incredible beach is also near the town of Grand Bay in the northwest part of Mauritius. It’s also known as “Royal Palm Beach” and “La Mauricia Beach”; some people call it the tiny little hidden gem of the north too. As the name explains it, it’s quite small and intimate.
However, the quality of water and the beauty of rocks make it standout among the stiff competition. If it’s possible avoid visiting this beach on the weekends if you want to relish the true beauty, as weekends on this beach are jam-packed. And, a lot of people with their families and friends visit it to have some fun and participate in thrilling activities. The best thing regarding La Cuvette is that it’s not so far from the city center. There are main traffic routes nearby and all the other amenities as well - including lavish villas and apartments.

La Cambuse
If you’re in the southeast part of the Mauritius, near the village of Mon Desert, don’t forget to visit La Cambuse Beach. It’s situated in the Grand Port District. It’s the least visited beaches in the Mauritius, as it’s not usually on the tourist maps and most visitors don’t know about its exact location. But, the people who know about this beach think that it’s a private property, which is not correct at all. It’s a public property, complete with public restrooms, fireplaces, benches, huts, and etc. Though, it’s a beautiful place and has some interesting places around it like Shandrani Resort, Spa Complex, Taxi Stand, Sugar Cane Field, and etc. But, the thing that makes La Cambuse Beach less important in the eyes of the tourist is its path, which is filled with rocks. You crawl at 10 km/h in a normal rental car. Besides, the currents of this beach are quite strong too, which aren’t good for little ones.

So, now you know about all the award-winning beaches of Mauritius. Pick any one of them and visit it today. If you’ve enough time, don’t forget to visit all of them, as all beaches of Mauritius have their own unique identity and taste. And, you won’t find beaches  like them in the whole world… So, pack bags and run for the white beaches of Mauritius for holidays.

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