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Mauritius Cuisine

“An explosion of delicious taste” - That’s what you can say about the cuisines of Mauritius. This island offers one of the most delicious foods which you can’t savor anywhere else in the world. The authorities of the Mauritius knew that in order to turn their island into a complete heaven, they’ve to fill the tables with the world’s best foods as well. Therefore, their restaurants often rank high among the world’s top restaurants and grab winner’s trophy.

But, the restaurants aren’t the only explosion of deliciousness. The cultural food also has the ability to transcend your expectations. It is the blend of Creole, Chinese, European, and Indian. It’s common for the combination of cuisines to form part of the same meal. In a way, you can taste all the cultures in a single plate. But, this isn’t the only thing. The French cuisines also have a great influence on the cuisines of Mauritius; their dishes strengthened their values under the short French rule. In their restaurants, and even in their homes, one can find French dishes like bouillon, tuna salad, daube, and coq au vin, and etc. easily.

Foods don’t demand any kind of decree. They can become favorites anytime and prosper in a culture rather quickly as well. And, that’s what the Indian Food did. The Indian workers who migrated to Mauritius brought their special foods with them too, such as, curries, chutney rougaille (tomato paste that’s popular especially when served with fish), and etc. Besides, the Indian pickle is quite popular too and adds a unique touch in Mauritius flavors.

If you’re a person who wants only the best food on the table, and wish to visit the top restaurants of the world, you’re in luck, as Mauritius has some million-dollar restaurants.

- Le Chateau de Bel Ombre: This is the best restaurant in the entire Mauritius, according to its visitors, and it’s often jam-packed as well. If you’re residing in the south of the island, don’t forget to visit it – particularly with your spouse; they’ll love it and be so impressed.

- Le Barachois: It’s kind of like a small guest house, but through its interior and services it hands you the safest and the most romantic environment. The Le Barachois restaurant is famous for serving unique dishes like freshly caught giant shrimp, lobsters, and crabs.

- Domaine Anna: Are you choosing a place near Flic en Flac? Well, this Chinese restaurant should be on top of your priority list. The Domaine Anna serves food on the wooden tables beside the sea – a true Mauritian eating experience, totally unforgettable.

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