Where to Sleep in Mauritius

The East Region!

Charming beachfront villas and apartments, VIP service, and utterly great prices! That’s what you get when you book one of our villas and apartments in the east region of Mauritius. Regions we cover includes Roches Noires, Poste La Fayette, Trou D'eau Douce, Belle Mare, Palmar... We’re a diamond in the rough when it comes to relishing vacations in Mauritius, as we not only provide indoor exceptional facilities, but also hand our customers a million opportunities for enjoying the outdoor attractions and activities of the Mauritius. We know what exactly our customers want, and how can we transcend their exceptions too. Since, we’re the denizens of this beautiful island; we own all of our properties; we can make your holidays memorable.

So, look no further, and book your holiday home with us. We guarantee total satisfaction and contentment. We’ve all the villas, apartments, and penthouses as well that can suit your budget. From $35 per night to $300 per night, from family villas to lavish/business villas, all are at your fingertips. Besides, if you’re planning to reside in the east region of Mauritius for a long time – at least for a week or a month – we can offer some exclusive packages as well, which won’t challenge your pockets and elevate the levels of pleasure too.

All of our villas, apartments, and penthouses are designed by the professional designers; they kept everything in mind while preparing them for the guests. For instance, they made sure that each residence is the pinnacle of style, comfort, service, and spaciousness. In the indoor area, they combine modern luxury with elegance through furniture, lighting, color and different accessories to create a sophisticated sanctuary. For that reason, once you experience the living of our villas, and apartments, you start believing that it’s a perfect and peaceful retreat for everyone. Since, from LCD TVs to air conditioned rooms, from DVD players to movie/music libraries, from free Wi-Fi internet to gaming opportunities, everything is there to surprise you! All you need is to contact us and opt for our villas.

However, if we say this was only the 1 percent of our offerings, it would be utterly right. There is a designer kitchen too, with all the necessities of life. From cooking utensil to coffee machine, from ovens to refrigerators, it’s fully equipped with everything. Furthermore, if you want some real fun in the garden, there is an arrangement for a top-notch party too. Just gather your friends, or family members, or even your lover, and have a BBQ time with them. On the whole, it’s all in your hands, the more creative you’ll be, the more you’ll have fun. Other than that, there is a special maid service too. If you want to hire her, just inform us regarding your vacation duration; she’ll do all things, from cooking to cleaning, perfectly.

So, on the whole, we’re the perfect contrast between tranquility and supreme level of fun. Besides, each villa, apartment, and the penthouse are protected by the guards and security cameras. They’re not only designed for the pleasure, but also for total security so that you, your loved ones, and your precious belongings can stay safe all the time. For further details, of if you’ve any specific question in your mind, consult us right now; we’re here to help you!

Paradise Beach Penthouse (South-East of Mauritius in Pointe Desny)

Paradise Beach is actually a "Boutique Style" beachfront holiday complex, which includes eight prolific apartments and two magnificent penthouses, located on one of the most famous sandy white beaches.

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Paradise Beach Apartments (South East of Mauritius in Pointe Desny)

Welcome to the Paradise Beach apartments on the island of Mauritius, also known as your home away from home during your vacation. These self catering apartments are the definition of luxury, located in Pointe d’Esny.

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Villa Tiara (East of Mauritius in Poste La Fayette)

A luxurious private pool villa situated in the coastal village of Poste-la-Fayette. We offer a perfect relaxing cocoon for guests in love with charming private villa. All in all, “Villa Tiara” is an ultimate dream location.

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Stylia Villas Mauritius (East of Mauritius in Trou Deau Douce)

Stylia Villas are built in an impressive and contemporary style. Their designers did back-of-the-envelope calculations and attempted to apprehend how they could transcend the competition in the Mauritius.

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Villa Frangipane (Pointe Desny)

Located in Pointe d'Esny Mauritius, through its warm and turquoise lagoons, surrounded by a white and fine sand ribbon, Villa Frangipane Mauritius is the ideal destination to rest and enjoy the sea.

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Villa Tenant Beachfront (Pointe Desny)

Located in Pointe D'esny, Villa Tenant provides welcome respite from the pressures of everyday life, and is an ideal place to escape as a family to enjoy the crystal, still waters and the idyllic unspoiled beaches.

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