Underwater Scooter Adventure


Made just for two sub scooters are a fun and unique way to drive along the sea bed of the the Indian Ocean. Blue Safari provide you and a friend or family member with everything you need to enjoy an unusual activity in Mauritius, which takes place three meters under the sea. You dont need to be a swimmer or diver to take part, and all instructions are given to you before you set off.

These subscooters have been invented by Blue Safari, certified by Classification Society as well as French Maritim Affairs for your own safety. They have already exported their invention in few countries such as Bora Bora, New Caledonia.

These under-water scooters are easy to use, with a steering wheel to change direction, and an accelerator pedal to take you up to 3km an hour in speed. As you move around the warm, blue waters off the shore of Mauritius you can see pretty sea life right in front of the bubble-like screen. You breathe naturally in a dome that seats two people, one behind the other, enabling you to share laughs and surprises!

During this unforgettable attraction in Mauritius, you have a 15-minute training session before being fitted with a wet suit provided by Blue Safari. A diver swims alongside you to make sure you get the best experience, and to ensure you are safe at all times.

You can ride your subscooter Solo or seated one behind the other, two people on one of our sub scooters is twice the fun! You both breathe naturally under water through a shared bubble which gives you a 360 degree view through the glass. Enjoy watching the colourful fish as you move along three metres under the Indian Ocean. Travelling at a leisurely 3km per hour you will be able to take in all the wonderful marine life.

Rate: 1 Adult Solo - Single - Rs 4700 per person

Rate:  Double - Rs 6200 -2 passengers

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