Sub Marine Excursion


This submarine will take you to the wreck of the Star Hope where fish, eels and crabs have made themselves at home. The trip lasts for a total of two hours, and for 35 to 40 minutes you will be under the beautiful ocean experiencing the most memorable attraction in Mauritius. At the end of the excursion, you will be given a certificate signed by the pilot and a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink.
 There are two submarines in the Blue Safari fleet, and both offer a unique and unforgettable activity in Mauritius.
 There are only 12 leisure submarine operations in the world, and Blue Safari is the only one, not only in Mauritius but in all Indian Ocean. Blue safari is also the unique leisure submarine operation in the world to operate 2 submarines of small sizes, maximum capacity being 10 seats, offering therefore a real personalized adventure not to be missed while being in Mauritius.
 Each submarine can dive to 35 metres where the views under the warm Indian Ocean are filled with colourful fish, coral, crab and stingray. Look out of the windows and experience the natural beauty in complete safety while the knowledgeable pilot points out interesting things to see. Choose between the larger BS1100 and the small-party BS600 for the experience to suit you. Both of them will give you a rare life-time adventure not to be missed in Mauritius.
 BS1100 Submarine - The BS1100 is a 7.5 metre long, 10-seater submarine which has been specially designed to give you a great under-water view through individual windows. The seating area is similar to the inside of a small plane, so you are comfortable at all times. Theres also a TV screen on board that shows images from a camera on the outside, so you wont miss any of the wonderful sights.
 BS 600 Submarine - For a more individual experience, the BS600 is a 5-seater submarine with a huge, panoramic window used for couples, families and special occasion trips. This holiday highlight is a special treat for you and your partner or family. There is room for up to five passengers and the large window at the front gives everyone on board a wide view of ocean 35 metres below sea level. The pilot can take you to the wreck of the Star Hope, or to another reef area, depending on your interests.
 Standard 35-metre dive Rate
 Rs 4700 per person
 Rs2900 Child under 12 years old
 Experience this incredible two-hour under-water excursion in the submarine (including 40mn of dive) which has been specially designed to make sure everyone enjoys great views of the Indian Ocean from 35 metres below sea level. You will get safety training, a full explanation of the excursion and an unforgettable 40-minute journey under water.

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