Camel Riding at Casela


Ali and Sahara enjoy being scratched under the chin while Josephine will try to sniff your feet. Tons of tantalizing and memorable adventures await, encountering our African mammals grazing over hectares of land! The view of Rempart Mountain comes as a courtesy of Mother Nature! A shorter version is also available for those who just want to get a taste of what it feels like to mount this majestic animal!
NB: When booking more than one activity, please make sure the time difference should be 30 minutes in between each activity
  Age limit: 10 years old
  Duration of activity 45 minutes
  Weight limit: 120kg
  It is advised to wear long pants and closed shoes, but is not a necessity
  When riding the camel, please keep at least one hand tightly placed on the saddle handle
  Please keep your feet in the stirrups at all times throughout the duration of the ride
  Pay close attention to everything your guides tell you, as they are there for your safety and protection
  Under no circumstances are you to remove safety equipment, unless told to do so by your guide
  Please do not scream, shout, kick, slap or jump up and down while riding or while in close proximity to the camels, it may scare the animals and cause an accident
Price for camel riding: Rs 1500 per person
Casela World of Adventures is the most visited attraction in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean, and has been welcoming locals and tourists of all ages since 1979. The adventure park is open all year round except Christmas Day and New Years Day. Situated atop the sugarcane fields on the west coast of the island, with Rempart Mountain in the backdrop, Casela probably takes its name from Lakaz-la, meaning The house in the local language. Initially a bird sanctuary, the park draws from the vision of a bunch of nature lovers who wished to save the trees on site from cutting down and incorporate them into a garden.
 An array of activities for all ages
 You will be entranced by the variety of activities that we are constantly growing to keep up the overall attractiveness of our adventure park. We now provide you with a unique opportunity to feed our giraffes, our colourful lorikeets and even our pygmy hippos, Luna and Athena. Take our African Safari to see the very best of African wildlife by safari bus, Quad or Segway. Or else, you can explore the parks rugged terrain on horseback or through our exclusive camel ride!

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