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Port Louis - Mauritius capital city

This capital city is the strongest pillar of Mauritius; it’s sited in the Port Louis District, and sandwiched between the Indian Ocean and mountain backdrop. Unlike the stunning beaches of Mauritius, it unveils the history and blends the traditions and modernity. In other words, one sees all the colors of Mauritius at one place. Around 150,000 inhabitants of this regime live rather peacefully with harmony. It’s one of those capitals that attract the most tourists in the world and set the major part of its economy on the tourism sector. A recent survey revealed that Port Louis Mauritius is not just a red-hot spot for tourists, it’s also the busiest commercial ports, and the most popular landing spot for cruise ships in the entire Africa.

The French are the ones who made this administrative capital in 1735 and utilized its position as a provisions center for their ships. They named it after the French King Louis the XV (1710 – 1774). After a few years, it gradually turned into an economic hub for its rulers. Even today, it receives continued attention of the economic industry and works as a secret laboratory for numerous scientist and educational institutes. If you’re in Port Louis, expect your expectations to be transcended in various ways, as it’s not just the economic hub; it indeed has the bags of pleasures and entertainment that offer a positive experience.

For instance, first, in Port Louis, there is a central market which is equipped with all the amenities of life. Visiting this market is that experience which you shouldn’t miss at all, as you’ll meet people from all facets, and glean the traditional Mauritian products. Furthermore, there are a lot of stalls and shops that provide local light refreshments and drinks, such as Alouda. Experiencing these refreshments is a lot more interesting than having a lavish dinner in an exotic restaurant. Apart from this, there is a waterfront shopping center and casino, which is almost jam-packet all the time, especially in the tourist months. These two places are actually the trendy part of this capital that appeals everyone. Chiefly the shopping center includes exclusive boutiques, quality artisanal wares, cinema, museum, various restaurants, and etc. Besides, casino is also rather famous and hands an immensely rich experience; you often find the posh class of Mauritius and tourist in casino. This part is so lively particularly in the evening; sometimes even the youngsters from universities come for cultural exhibitions and live music in order to entertain people.

On the whole, there are top 15 things which you shouldn’t avoid at all if you’re in the Port Louis Mauritius – The Crown Lodge, Caudan Waterfront Complex, Central Market, Citadel Fort Adelaide, Blue Penny Museum, Port Louis Race Track, Aapravasi Ghat, Natural History Museum, Le Pouce, China Town, St Louis Cathedral, Government House, Domaine Les Pailles, The Photographic Museum, Company Garden, Rivulet Terre Rouge Estuary Bird sanctuary, and Coffee House. If you’ve visited these places, in a way, you’ve visited the entire Port Louis; you’ll experience all the highs and lows. In case you want to be with the professional, there are sight-seeing tour vans and buses which can be hired for a complete family or you can reserve your seat in them with the other tourists for a few excursions.

Other than that, the fun isn’t just on the land of Port Louis; one can have the pleasure trips on the boat tours too. However, before you do that, it’s pertinent to inform them at least 24 hours before, as they can enlighten you the details, timings, hours of operation, and etc.

Lastly, and most importantly, without a residence, it’s impossible to relish the offerings of this famous city. So, don’t forget to check out 5-star and 4-star Le Labourdonnais, Le Suffren. Their authorities have upgraded and perfected the every aspect of the guest experience; they don’t only facilitate in business trips, but also provide ultimate luxury experiences. From superb bars to sumptuous restaurants, you’ll find everything in there and feel that it’s a home away-from-home; you’ll feel like walking into a dream.

So, visit Port Louis today, as it has the latent power to flabbergast you with its exceptional entertainments, traditions, and services… We Promise!

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