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Mauritius Island Guide for Holidays update

As they say, "Travelling leaves you speechless!" However, if you’re travelling to the Islands of Mauritius, you won’t just stay speechless; you’ll indeed turn into a fascinating storyteller. It's that beautiful, and that stunning. It’s the bible of beauty, which attracts people from all over the globe. According to its frequent visitors who comes for holidays in Mauritius island, "In the end, you won’t remember the time you spent in your office or at home. So, visit Mauritius island right now - alone, with a group of friends, and especially with your significant other. Every trip of Mauritius will sculpt one of the most pleasurable and unprecedented memories and crush run of the mill routines of your life.

Therefore, grab your coats, and run to Mauritius for memorable holidays...

However, before you do that, it’s immensely pertinent to learn some significant things regarding the island of Mauritius, so that you can make every second of your trip fascinating. We have compiled a small guide on Mauritius which we hope will surely help before visiting Mauritius.

The Island of Mauritius is actually a volcanic Island nation in the Indian Ocean. It comprises 2040 km2 with all the facets of nature. When we look at its history, it appears that it’s not just the new age obsession. The olden times are also quite exciting and exhibit that it was the favorite destination of Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch Republic, France, Britain, and etc. All of them ruled this island for some time, but gave it its independence on 12th March, 1968.

After sculpting its new constitution, the Mauritius Island became a republic within the commonwealth too, in 1992. And, this thing changed its image completely in tourists’ eyes.

The culture of Mauritius is quite rich. Unlike other nations and tourist places, it’s a rather safe place. One can perform its religious or cultural duties anytime he wants without getting worried regarding its habitants or the government. Once you visit it, you see that it’s in actuality a multiethnic, multi-religious, multicultural, and multilingual place. In other words, you see all the colors of the world in one place, walking, laughing, talking, and relishing their time like pure friends. Even celebrities opt for this place and savor their time with their significant other and families; you can also notice them in the capital Port Louis - or on the beaches easily and take pictures with them too.

Mainly, the Island of Mauritius is known for its beaches, lagoons, and reefs, as the tourist choose these places often in order to stay away from the hustles of their lives for a few days. These places aren’t only tranquil, but also present exceptional activities to their guests. Furthermore, the interior island is also as exceptional as the outer beaches; one can discover and visit various outstanding places like Black River Gorges National Park - with rain forests, waterfalls, hiking trails, and etc. But, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. If you want to make your holidays memorable, reside in this place at least for a month, so that you can absorb its entire beauty in true essence and trip all of its popular attractions.

General Facts
All in all, Mauritius Island is the rabbit of hole of extravagant life; it’s the premier destination for the tourists. However, there are some facts that demand attention, so that one can make his tour memorable, or stay away from all kinds of hustles and surprises.

For instance, when it comes to population, it’s not much. Perhaps, that’s why, it attracts people and usually perceived as the tourists destination. The population of Mauritius is around 1.5 million. Besides, the official language is English. And, all the government’s office works and communications are in English too. But, most people speak French and Creole. Therefore, if you know French, or at least English, you won’t have any issue in communication; you can converse on deals, packages, and have immensely easy time.

Apart from this, there are total 9 districts of Mauritius; all of them have their own unique flavors and colors. If you’re planning to visit Mauritius for a month at least, don’t forget to visit all of them. In case if you’re on a short visit, choose that district which suits your needs and hands you what you want. The names of the districts are Port Louis, Grand Port, Savanne, Moka, Plaine Wilhems, Pamplemousses, Black River, Port Louis, Flacq, and Riviere du Rempart. In addition, the other islands which belong to Mauritius as well are Rodrigues and Agalega.

Though, the crime rate in Mauritius is low, as everyone is there for celebrating his holidays, with his significant other and family members. However, for answering public needs, there are police stations in nearly all cities, towns, and districts. One can contact them anytime he wants 24/7 and submit his complaint. This unfortunate situation almost never arises as most tourist book villas and apartments, and they already have their own security guards and camera. Plus, for securing precious belongings, there are security lockers too; you can find them in almost all the villas and apartments in the main bedroom.

Lastly, the legal system of Mauritius Island is based upon the French civil laws. If you want any further information regarding visa, or anything, you can consult a French lawyer too.

Interesting Facts
Mauritius doesn’t only have general facts. There are some incredible interesting facts as well that expand the boundaries of imagination on a massive scale. Just like general facts, these below interesting facts aren’t just for general information. They can indeed educate you and facilitate you in adopting the Mauritian lifestyle. Just read them, canvass them, and see why Mauritius Island is the most exceptional island on the planet Earth… So, are you ready?

The power of nature doesn’t just show the beauty; it in reality works in the favor of human life as well. Since, among all the developing countries, this island has the highest life expectancy ratio - 73 years. Therefore, people often love to be Mauritian, once they visit this place. Especially, the pro veterans love to spend their lives there once they retire.

Do you love bird watching? Well, you’re in luck if you’re in Mauritius, as the legendary dodo bird, the national bird of Mauritius, was found only on the island of Mauritius before it became extinct. But, it’s not just the dodo; there are a lot of unique birds which we assure will mesmerize you and give your bird-watching hobby a new angle. All you need is to get a camera and take some outstanding pictures of them if you want to impress your friends.

Unlike other countries, the island of Mauritius doesn’t have a standing army, as this region is away from all kinds of conflicts. However, you’ll find a lot of police stations there for public safety; they’re ready to serve their guest and resolve their all kinds of issues 24/7.

What upholds the economy of Mauritius? Do you have any guess? Well, if you think it is tourism, then you aren’t correct. Yes! Tourism boosts the economy of this beautiful island, but it’s standing on the second position on the economy charts. The no.1 money-earner of the Mauritius Island is indeed sugarcane. It is planted on 90% of this country’s arable land.

Practical Information

Banking hours
Monday to Thursday : 9.15 am -3.15 pm, Friday: 9.15 am -3.30 pm , Saturday :9.15 am -11.15 am (Some banks only). Banks are also open to coincide with the arrival and departure of international flights at the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport.

Almost all of our large hotels are equipped and ready to cater for conferences. The number of people that can be accommodated varies from 30 to 500. The International Conference Centre in Grand Bay and the Freeport Exhibition Centre in Mer Rouge can easily accommodate 600 and 1,000 people respectively.

Credit Cards
Credit cards are normally accepted by banks and most hotels, restaurants and tourist shops.

Mauritius is a blend of diverse cultures and religions. The population consists of Hindus, Creole, Chinese, Muslims and Europeans.

People in Mauritius drive on the left-hand side of the road and give way to the right.
Foreigners with a driving licence issued by a Competent Authority in their respective countries are allowed to drive during their stay in Mauritius.

220 volts.

Police:999, Police : 208-7018/20
Fire : 995, Samu : 114

Mauritius is a democratic state based on the Westminster model and enjoys political stability.

No vaccinations are required. However a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for travellers over 1 year of age who arrive from areas where yellow fever cases are reported.

Most people in Mauritius are bilingual and are equally fluent in English
and French. Creole and French are the main languages in the everyday environment and several oriental languages are also spoken.

Medical services
Free public medical facilities are widely available. Private clinics provide medical services for a fee.

Besides a wide choice of local papers, the pick of the European and American press is available.

Nudism and topless sunbathing are frowned upon on our public beaches. No hotel permits nude sunbathing on beaches. Topless sunbathing is sometimes tolerated.

1.2 million

Public holidays
There are 15 public holidays every year. Seven of them are fixed holidays: January 1st & 2nd, 1st February, 12th March, 1st May, 2nd November and 25th December. The remaining public holidays are religious festivals whose dates vary from year to year.

A tourist police service has been set up to ensure security in tourist zones.
An anti-terrorist law has also been proclaimed. A specific law relating to all tourist activities and corrupt practices has also been voted.

The following essential pieces of advice are meant for you :
Keep an eye on all personal belongings at all times.
Be careful when withdrawing money from a cash point.
Avoid wearing expensive jewellery.
Do not leave anything inside your car.
For trips use only recognised operators or suppliers.
Keep your passports, plane tickets, jewellery of value and large sums of money in safe custody.
For sea excursions, do not rent boats with inadequate security standards.
During individual sea trips, always notify the person responsible for the boat house.
Do not go swimming in areas where it is forbidden.
When using taxi services, please ask for rates before the driver starts the car so you are not being overcharged.

Shopping hours in our main cities range from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm (Monday-Saturday). Some shops are open till noon on Sundays and public holidays. Many duty free shops and modern shopping centres (Caudan, Curepipe, Floréal Square, Happy World House, Orchard Centre, La Croisette Grand Bay) offer a wide choice of products.

Tipping is not compulsory, but by tipping, this will definitely build a stronger relationship with the person you have given the tip.

Time & Telecommunications
Mauritius is four hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and three hours ahead (2 hours in summer) of mid-European Time. Mauritius has international direct dialling facilities to most parts of the world as well as high speed fax and internet services.

TV channels
Satellite TV and local TV & radio are available
in most of the hotels.

A value added tax of 15% is payable on goods and services including hotels and restaurant bills.
Some restaurants have been found to charge 15% VAT despite the fact they are not VAT registered. So please check their VAT certificate that needs to be fixed in the premises before the VAT.

What to wear
Take your best beach and casual wear. In the winter months (June -September), carry some light woollen clothing for the cool evenings.
Please show due respect when visiting religious places. Wear appropriate clothing (and remove leather shoes and belts) when entering the premises.

Working Hours
Private Sector : Monday to Friday: 8.30 am - 4.15 pm Saturday : 9am -noon (Some offices)
Public Sector : Monday to Friday: 9 am - 4 pm
Saturday : 9 am - noon.

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