Land Based Excursions

“We need the tonic of wildness.... We can never have enough of nature” – Henry David Thoreau

Mauritius offers an exciting opportunity for everyone to have fun in the sun – the attractions available are suitable for everyone in all age ranges. If you wish to go for a Safari Tour observing Natural Wildlife; that is also available – if you wish for a romantic tour to oversee beautiful sights in the land; that is also available.

There are many parks and natural locations which have been kept as natural reserve. These locations offer not only a tremendous peak into the interesting flora and fauna of the region – it also provides for a beautiful and relaxing day.

For the ones seeking adventure, there are also modern day adventurous activities thrown in the mix. You can now get into the midst of action by going on a Zip Line through a beautiful temperate forest or can spend a solitary afternoon with a game of golf.

The list of adventure and fun options include
1. High quality Safari experience provided by highly trained guides.

2. Sight Seeing tours that explore the beautiful terrain (includes mountains, forests and beautiful beaches)

3. Access to tourist attractions and local parks: The Island has a host of inland tourist attractions including a botanical garden.

4. Modern day adventures: Canyoning, Zip Lining, and Rock climbing

5. Hiking and Trekking: There is plenty of opportunity to hike and trek the beautiful landscape.

6. Sports: There are plenty of options to engage in friendly sporting events and activities. A round of golf, a few games of tennis are almost always around the corner.

7. Activities for kids: There are options for both Outdoor and Indoor activities to keep your kids engaged

8. For those searching for a romantic recluse: For the ones looking to have a perfect romantic getaway, the Island offers a perfect opportunity to enjoy the company of your partner in perfect peace.


Mauritius Horse riding
Mauritius Horse riding

Spend couple of hours in the company of a well-trained horse having a riding experience to share for ages.

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Mauritius Quad Biking Adventure
Mauritius Quad Biking Adventure

If you are interested into doing something that really gets your adrenaline pumping, quad biking is the thing for you.

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