Whale watching

Whale watching in Mauritius
Whale watching in Mauritius

A bit about watching and swimming with whales and why it is so special
One of the most calming activities observing a magnificent sea creature in their natural habitat.

Why Whale watching is one of the must activities to do in Mauritius?
• Whales are one of the largest mammals to have remained on our planet. While some of them prefer to live away from tourist attractions and shipping lanes - Mauritius appears to attract whales regularly. You can get close to these magnificent mammals in Mauritius and have an amazing experience that cannot be matched elsewhere.

• The activity is carried out in a natural and peaceful habitat. Although there is a high probability that you will get to watch whales in their natural habitat, it is not always the case. Do note that for this activity, the tour ship has to go further in the ocean than any other activity. Weather conditions can also play major role. A stormy sea can also reduce visibility making it difficult for you to sight these beautiful animals.

• The additional benefit of this trip comes in the form that it is a long activity that offers a bonding experience for the complete travel group. The mood of the activity remains such that you are always having a fun and relaxed time. Unlike other activities that offer sudden adrenaline rush, whale watching is an activity that is suitable for everyone as it is carried out at a very slow and leisurely pace. Although, the actual experience of watching a whale can offer an exhilarating experience, the whole 3 hours spent during the activity offer for a peaceful and relaxed time.

Main Features
• 3 hours at the sea in a comfortable speed boat.
• Trip to the beautiful island and experience of ocean traveling.
• Enjoy some relaxation time - have the leisure to tan on the beach or else walk around the endless beach of the island
• The duration of this excursion is from 10:00 am - 13:00 pm
• Explore the amazing lagoons and coral reefs around the island along with having a wonderful trip in the calm oceans (weather permitting)
• The activity is available on all week days and transportation is also available (offered as supplementary in certain cases)

How will it work?
The most important factor of whale sighting revolves around understanding of the complete experience as it is. Once you have reached the destination, you will be briefed in detail about Whales and what kind of creatures they are. This briefing will help you understand more about these animals and what they offer.

The security briefing also discusses the following aspects
• Information about the sea creatures and their behavior.
• The types of whales and which ones you may or may not be able to sight
• You will be given tips about how to expertly watch whales and where to look for them while you are on the boat
• How to carry yourself on the boat as you will be traveling all the while.

Additional Information
• The minimum age for this activity is 7 years old.
• The trip is carried out on speedboats as it gives a better chance for sighting whales. There is a slight chance that you may not actually see whales (40%).
• The activity remains open seven days a week.
• Exclusive trips can also be arranged depending on the size of the touring party. The exclusive benefits are ideal for work groups and large family groups that want to maintain their privacy.


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