Underwater Sea Walk

Underwater Sea Walk
Underwater Sea Walk

A bit about underwater sea walk and why it is so special:
Underwater walk provides for an excellent informative experience that cannot be mimicked anywhere else in the world.

Why Underwater Sea Walk is one of the must activities to do in Mauritius?
• One of the most interesting and unique activities that you can go on in Mauritius.
• Offers a blend of views that are impossible to have in most places in the world.
• An extremely interesting and entertaining activity that involves sea life that exists only in Mauritius (rare species of animals and plants that only are available here)
• A family fun activity that offers a mix of adventure, calm and learning experience.
• Totally and completely safe carried out with professionals at hand.

Main Features:
• Underwater walk that allows you to see the fascinating marine plant and animal life.
• A family fun adventure that requires no particular skill set.
• A boat trip that involves in reaching the destination from where the walk commences.

How will it work?
• The excursion starts from a motorboat transfer taking you from the center of Grand Baie to a sea platform located inside the lagoon at the Northern part of Mauritius Island.
• Once you have reached the platform you will be given a pre departure briefing on how to use the gear, information local marine life, on the safety procedures, and on the underwater walking trail and the things that you should expect.
• You will be helped in the gear in case you need any assistance. The gear consists of a helmet with a fully transparent visor making for optimal view. Once you are wearing the helmet, a special apparatus is linked so that you can breathe without any interruption.
• There will be trained and professional life guards assisting and leading the underwater walk. These people will remain with you from the start till the finish to ensure that no untoward incident takes place.
• The additional weight means that you will be able to walk on the surface of the ocean floor.
• The overall activity can span within 1 hour to 90 minutes. The actual walk itself will take about 20 minutes.
• You are not required to have any pre-requisite skills of swimming or diving. In case you wear lens or glasses, you aren’t required to remove anything.

Locations available for Underwater Sea Walk:
Northern Mauritius.

Additional Information:
• You will be walking at the depth of 3-4 meters. This creates for water pressure equivalent to one felt in the deep end of a swimming pool while diving.
• Walking underwater has been termed as an experience equivalent to walking on the surface of moon.
• Any person under the age of 10 is not suitable or allowed for the activity.
• Underwater shoes are provided free of charge hence you do not need to worry about wearing specific shoes for the excursion.
• This excursion can be arranged for large groups going up to as many as 16 people together at the same time.
• This activity is not suitable for people suffering from claustrophobia, people having breathing problems and pregnant women.


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