Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

Why Scuba Diving is one of the must activities to do in Mauritius?
• Mauritius offers one of the best scuba diving experiences that you can have anywhere in the world.
• The activity becomes even more interesting because of the diverse flora and fauna available around the island. From the natural beauty offered by the coral reefs to the hundreds of amazing deep water sites available for exploration.
• There are many different destinations for tourists and travelers which can be explored in depth. All of these places offer something different from other locations making scuba diving a really diverse and spectacular activity.
• There are special scuba diving packages available for multiple and single people. There are also training packages available for people who have no prior experience of diving but want to learn. These facilities are all maintained by some leading experts who aim to provide safe and secure underwater experience for all people.
• The activity offers a glimpse to the underwater coral world which is only available in Mauritius. This creates for an epic adventure that cannot be replicated anywhere in the world.
• For people who have no experience of diving, training facilities are separate. For people wishing to explore directly the more adventurous areas, please bring your relevant certificates and proof documents along with you.
• Do note that this activity requires physical attributes hence it is not for all people.

Main Features
• Scuba diving is available in different locations. The most popular destination is in the North of Mauritius.
• The activity remains open seven days a week. The operating times are between 8:30 and 16:00 hours using the daylight to maximum use.
• The duration of the activity is flexible and depends on the people undertaking the dive.

How will it work?
The diving center is ideally situated at Grand Bay center, quick short boat trip ride from some of Mauritius top dive sites of the North such as Coin de Mire, Merville Aquarium, Stella Maru and many more.

We offer divers a range of options from which they can select one site that suits them the most. Do note that these include sites with different difficulty level making it suitable for everyone. Some of the sites that include this are
• Aquarium (depth:10-18m)
• Temple (depth: 9-15m)
• Stephen Cliff (depth: 8-12m)
• Coral garden (depth: 10-21m)
• Poison Reef (depth: 7-12m)
• Whale Rock (depth: 18-38m)
• Lost Anchor (depth: 19-31m)
• Stenopus Reef (depth: 18-31m)
• Stella Maru (depth: 14-25m)
• Emily and Water Lily (depth: 14-25m)
• Silver Star (depth: 26-41m)
• Flat Island (depth: 8-15m)
• Confetti Bay (depth: 10-22m)
• Iabeddah Wreck (depth: 16-32m)
• The Tube (depth: 7-11m)
• Black Forest (depth: 35-50m)

Additional Information
• The diving trip is not suitable for pregnant women and people with medical conditions. In case you are aware of any such medical condition, please refrain from a scuba diving experience. In order to prevent health and safety, diving certificates are checked beforehand and people have to sign a document to ensure that they have suitable medical condition to carry out the dive.


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