Horse riding on Northern Coast

Mauritius Horse riding
Mauritius Horse riding

Why horse riding on the beach excursions is one of the must do activities in Mauritius?
• This activity in the North of Mauritius covers the essence of aristocratic lifestyle where you can spend couple of hours in the company of a well-trained horse having a riding experience to share for ages.
• This is one of those Holly Wood perfect romantic scenes where you can imagine traveling with the love of your life on a picturesque beach riding a beautiful horse.
• Ideal for couples on honeymoons among others. This activity is a favorite romantic getaway for couples who want to enjoy a perfect day at the beach galloping around on well-trained beautiful horses.

• The Northern Coast horse riding facility is located in a small village called Esperance Trebuchet, we are about a 15-20minute drive from the north-coast towns of Grand BaY and Pereybere and about 30minutes from the capital Port Louis. We are in an agricultural area surrounded by sugar cane plantations; we offer a variety of horse riding trips to suit all abilities.

Main Features
The whole program will follow the main steps
• The activity is open for novice and expert riders. Once you reach the paddock, you will be given basic training and initiation with the horses. The training can go up to twenty minutes. Only once when the horse is comfortable with you, you will be allowed to mount it. Novice users will be provided help and tips to mount their ride.
• The activity of riding will be having different packages including
1 hour trail: A one hour trail through fields, farms and villages to give you glimpse of every day Mauritius life.
2 hour trail: A longer tour designed for experienced riders.
Beach ride: Beach rides around beautiful northern beach with the help of guide for novice riders.
1 day package: Special packages on Tuesday and Friday where you can enjoy an all-day trip.

Holiday packages: special packages for various holidays (tailor made based on your needs)
• Most of the horses available are well-trained and accustomed to travel with different riders every day. There are about 20 different horses available at any time however since this is a popular activity, some of them are always in the field.

How will it work?
The location of this excursion is in the Northern Coast.
• The operating hours of this activity are from 7:00 to 18:00 while the activity remains open every single day of the week.
• The duration of the activity itself is 1 hour and 30 minutes however you may take more time. The training and practice time is not included in the horse ride.
• There is no specific age limit for the activity.
• There is also no specific skill limit for the activity. An instructor can ride or walk along with you for certain part of trail as well in certain scenarios.

Additional Information
• You are not required to bring anything special as training and safety gear is provided to you.
• Your private ride will be accompanied by professional guides.

A bit about horse riding and what you can actually see during the tour
Imagine yourself in a wonderful romantic movie while you are doing this excursion.


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