Deep Sea fishing in Mauritius

Deep Sea fishing
Deep Sea fishing

Why deep sea fishing trip is one of the must activities to do in Mauritius?
• Deep sea fishing is one of the most popular activities in the calm oceans of Mauritius. The activity has remained on top of tourist preference lists for some time now. Not only this offers a great day out at the sea, it also offers a great adrenaline rush of enjoyment and satisfaction.
• This activity offers a unique flexibility unlike some other sea excursions. There are various kinds of deep sea fishing trips that you can take based on your suitability, preference, and knowledge about fishing.
• Many of the Deep Sea fishing excursions are carried out on an exclusive and private basis offering the tourists with the benefits of having personal guidance of the qualified boat’s staff. The staff can teach you all about fishing and ensure that your fishing trip goes according to your fishing level and preferences. If you are part of a bigger group, or want to have a perfect family day out relaxing in the sea, this is a great alternative.

• In the case of the individual travelers, there are also special offers on smaller fishing trips in Black River which is done on shared basis. These groups offer you an interesting experience where you can bond with strangers from all over the world and have a high quality bonding experience.
• There are other extremely exclusive fishing offers available as well as overnight fishing expeditions to remote fishing banks and to virgin fishing destinations such as St Brandon, Agalega and more are also available. These exclusive trips need to be booked beforehand and offer a totally unique and brilliant experience like no other.

Main Features
• A flexible activity that you can select based on your choice.

How will it work?
This excursion offers a set of different variables that you can select based on your choice.
• You will be briefed and trained on basic security protocols for the excursion.
• A regular experienced professional will be part of the group throughout to ensure that you have a rich and safe experience. These professionals are highly trained and are incentivized to help you make a good catch. So you shouldn’t be worried about not having people take care of your catch
• Most of the fishing tours are half day activities with full on board amenities available including soft drink and food among others.

Additional Information
The location for this excursion is in various parts of the island.
• There is no minimum age restriction for this activity.
• The operating hours of the activity are between 6:00 to 14:30 every day. Although the activity is open every single day of the week the hours are limited to ensure safety and maximum enjoyment at the peak day time. The special tours do not have any specific timing and you can book them accordingly.
• The activity does not require you to have prior fishing experience.
• This is a full family activity that can help the entire family join in the fun.

A bit about deep sea fishing and what you can actually see during them
Mauritius is known for being a fishing paradise offering great variety of fish to catch.


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