Blue Safari Scooter

Blue Safari Scooter
Blue Safari Scooter

Why Blue Safari Scooter ride is one of the must activities to do in Mauritius?
• Blue Safari scooter ride offers one of the most premium experiences for underwater travel anywhere in the world. This activity has not only become one of the most unique and popular activities in Mauritius, it also offers an experience that cannot be matched anywhere else on the island.
• The activity has remained as Trip Advisors most highly rated activity within Mauritius. Not only has it received fantastic reviews, it has also been critically acclaimed for its unique and brilliant nature.
• The Blue Safari Scooter offers a fun and brilliant experience for two people. This activity can help you experience the Indian Ocean with a special one like never before.
• The Blue Safari sub scooter has been invented by Blue Safari, certified by Classification Society as well as French Maritime Affairs for your own safety. They have already exported their invention in few countries such as Bora Bora, New Caledonia.

Main Features
• You can ride your Blue Safari sub scooter Solo or seated one behind the other, two people on one of our sub scooters is twice the fun. Both of the people traveling on a Blue Safari Sub scooter will breathe naturally under water through a shared bubble which gives you a 360 degree view through the glass.
• Enjoy watching the colorful fish as you move along three meters under the Indian Ocean. Travelling at a leisurely 3km per hour you will be able to take in all the wonderful marine life.
• Unlike scuba diving, Blue Safari sub scooters are very easy to operate and require no prior diving knowledge.

How will it work?
Before you embark on a Blue Safari sub scooter drive, a training session of 15 minutes is conducted. Once you are done with the training session and during the training session, a security briefing will be carried out informing about the procedures that you need to know to perfectly enjoy the safari ride. The briefing will cover but not limited to
• How to operate the Blue Safari sub scooters.
• How to control the scooters without getting panic and other safety features offered.
The scooters are extremely easy to use and contain a simple steering wheel and an accelerator paddle. Once you are traveling on a scooter, a driver swims right next to you for safety and helps you enjoy the experience at the fullest.

Additional Information
• The sub scooter travels at the depth of 3 meters under water.
• You do not require any diving experience for having a ride in the sub scooter. This makes it extremely useful for people who have no diving experience.

A bit about under water sub scooter rides and what you can actually see during them.
Although scuba diving and sub scooter offer almost exactly the same experience, with sub scooters you can truly enjoy the surroundings around you without having to worry about the scuba gear and deep sea diving. The comfort along with the added controls contributes to an overall winning experience.


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