BWM 528 i Luxury with Private Chauffeur

BWM 528 i Luxury with Private Chauffeur

Our "BWM 528 i Luxury with Private Chauffeur" package offers the following:

Luxury travel for for 1 – 3 people:
We carry a carefully selected and well-maintained luxury fleet that offers an ultimate luxurious experience for those who wish to travel in full style.

Luggage capacity:
Standard sized 4 luggage cases. Maximum weight limit – 70 kg for check-in bags. Hand carries are not included in the weight limit. In case the luggage carriers are of not standard dimensions, please contact.

Experienced Chauffeurs:
All our staff consists of licensed, back-ground checked, educated (able to communicate in more than one foreign language), extremely reliable and experienced chauffeurs who take immense pride in their work.

Well-maintained and Good condition high-end luxury cars:
Our cars are regularly maintained and always in excellent mechanical conditions. Non-smoking environment is ensured in all of our cars. 100% of our fleet consists of cars with air-conditioned facility unless explicitly specified

Our Fleet:
Our fleet consists of high-end luxury cars including Mercedez, BMW, Range Rover and Porche Cayenne to name a few.
In order to select the car of your choice, you can contact us to ask for further details. Our luxury cars are kept at tailor-made car garages when they are not being used ensuring that they always remain in prime condition.

Please contact to see for the visibility and booking schedule of our luxury fleet.

What competitive advantage we offer?
1. We offer personalization: In case you needed anything particular in your car, we offer such personalized options.
2. Completely safe and reliable: Our company has created a name for offering reliable services. Not only we have a 100% safety record with zero accidents through our history, in case of mechanical or any other car related problem, we are able to provide instant back-ups within a standard time range (the turn-around time depends on your current location – within main cities, it is between the range of 15-30 minutes)
3. Comfort: We cater for your comfort as a very high priority. All our cars are air-conditioned with working air-conditioners that are maintained regularly.
4. Complete end to end user satisfaction: Once you book with us, not only you get to avoid the waiting queues outside the airport for taxis, you also get a driver to pick you up at the terminal with your name on the placard. The moment you step out from the terminal, you will be picked and taken to your destination without any hassle or problem.
5. Clear communication in terms of fair and prices: We deal in a very crystal clear pricing model. Our fee structure is simple to understand without having any hidden charges.
6. Free child seat: Safety is a very high priority for us – for that we are able to provide for children seats when and where they are needed.
7. Special Tariff for airport transfers: We offer special discounted rates for airport transfers.

Our pick-up process explained
1. Our multi-lingual drivers will be present at the airport with your name on a placard at Exit 6. For the sake of clarity, please use Exit 6 unless it is specifically mentioned by us or the airport authorities.
2. Once authorization is complete, the driver will take your luggage and place it in the boot.
You will be dropped at your destination.  


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